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Our Story

Hello there, right this way please, oh! Let me get the door for you, come on in and have a sit.


Welcome to our job site. Pardon our appearance; we are remodeling our company to offer more quality services to you. Don’t worry; we are recycling our waste and keeping it eco-friendly. So, you are here to learn a bit about us? Ok, allow me then.

Trillo’s Woodwork & Construction inc. was born in 2003 from a “wake up” call from my son. I was just a carpenter /cabinet maker working for the construction industry day in and day out, dealing with issues, following orders, and constantly being told to cut corners so the boss could profit more “who cares? It’s not your house” I heard that a lot and I was not happy at all. Remember, I choose this line of work because I love it, and when you love something, you do your best for it, right?

I used to share (and complain about) my daily work experiences with my loved ones and sometimes even let some steam out. Then one day, my son Daniel said: Dad, why don’t you open your own business and do what is right instead of hurting your feelings and principles? You already do the work while the others get the fame, so go ahead and do what you think is right.

What are you afraid of? Losing your job? Lots of people know your work already! Funny, he was just a boy, and he was right, my hero! Look how much we have accomplished (here).


So that is how this company was born; today, as an adult, he works in it and follows the same philosophy THE WORK HAS TO BE DONE RIGHT the FIRST TIME NO MATTER WHAT. With steel forged principles and strong budget control, the only corners we cut are the moldings joints.

We are here to help people build or fix their dreams, both residential and commercial, with licensed professionals, proper tools, safety, and courage to tell NO if it’s for your own good.

Thank you for your visit, and I hope this humble story will inspire your day as it has inspired my LIFE. The story is over but feel free to look around; this is a safe place to visit and bring your friends too.

See you soon,

Lino Trillo

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